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Pootie Pads for Pooches

Now there are Pootie Pads for Pooches, too!  These pads have soothing organic lavender and thyme quilted in and ore made of cotton fabric, Dream Puff, polyester batting. These are perfect for lining a bed or crate or for protecting the sofa from your four-legged friends fur.  If your dog is suffering from anxiety or stress, the aroma of these herbs may help calm him or her.

Available in Petite (13.5 x 9) and Medium (23 x 17).   Choose a focus fabric for Petite or Medium sizes or let us choose for you.

Pootie Pads for Pooches are handmade in Portland, Oregon by two sisters. They are made with love, care, humor, and a desire to spread pootie pleasure across the land.

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Pootie Pads for Pooches Fabric Choices

  • Beach Dogs
  • Hotel Marquees
  • Out West
  • Puppy Faces
  • Room Service (Blue)
  • Room Service (Brown)

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