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Custom Community Quilts

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Is someone you love suffering and feeling alone or have something special to celebrate?  Commission a private community quilt for them.  For $275 plus shipping, well make a colorful lap throw (roughly 49 x 58) with up to 20 messages on it from  your group. 

Pootie Pads

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What is a Pootie Pad? It is a small quilt for cats (aka “pooties”) made of cotton fabric, Dream Puff polyester batting, and good, organic American catnip by the fistful. A friend suggested we also branch out and make something for cat lovers–and thus the Pootie Pad came to be.

Lap Throw Quilts

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Community QuiltsCustom Quilts We will make a quilt just for you!  Lap Throws Our charm lap throws are made of a plethora of cheerful fabrics, no two alike.  About 48 by 58, this will keep you warm and make you smile.  $275 plus shipping. We also can make pieced lap throws to order.  Pricing varies according to size and pattern.

Lavender Quilts

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How about a lap throw quilt filled with organic lavender flowers, sprinkled in the batting (think of it as a Pootie Pad for People)?  For those who find the scent of lavender soothing and healing, these are heavenly.  Cost is  $175 plus shipping.

Pootie Pads for Pooches

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Now there are Pootie Pads for Pooches, too!  These pads have soothing organic lavender and thyme quilted in and ore made of cotton fabric, Dream Puff, polyester batting. These are perfect for lining a bed or crate or for protecting the sofa from your four-legged friends fur.  If your dog is suffering from anxiety or stress, the aroma of these herbs may help calm him or her.

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