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    Full of Organic American Catnip

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    Pootie Pads Store

  • Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

    Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

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  1. Pootie Peace Pads, catnip + lavender!

    Some among us have adopted cats with a history, perhaps even a deep trauma.  Some kitties just seem naturally anxious.  These kitties may be hard to reach, hard to settle.

    Skylee loves her Pootie Peace Pad!  This is the original size, 23” x 17”

    My sister, Ann, had the inspiration to add organic lavender to our catnip filled Pootie Pads.  Why lavender?  We knew that lavender oil is used around cats at cat shows to help relax them — and we have heard about cats being drawn to the lavender we put in Pootie Pads for Pooches or for People.  So when we heard that NormAl and his wife had adopted a beautiful, fluffy black cat that had been rescued after being thrown from a moving car, we asked ourselves what would help a kitty who had survived a horrifying trauma like that?  We offered them a prototype of the Pootie Peace Pad and evidently, Spooky the cat likes it a lot!

    Suku finds peace on her Pootie Peace Pad and comes home every night to be with it.  Ahhhhh, bliss!

    The Pootie Peace Pad has also been tested with Isla, samanthab’s cat, who is fearful of storms, Skylee, a shy cat who was adopted recently by Ekaterin, and by Suku, bakeneko’s kitty who has feral leanings (and night time wanderings) sometimes.  All of them have given the pads four paws up!

    So while our catnip pads are very useful for blissing cats in all sort of situations:

    • Car trips
    • getting used to a new home
    • socialization for adopted strays
    • feeling better when healing from illness or injury
    • feelings of comfort for geriatric cats
    • and just having fun!

    Sometimes you might need some extra calm along with the catnip.  In those cases, consider the Pootie Peace Pad!  Here are some PayPal links for ordering:

    to order Pootie Peace Pads (catnip + lavender):

    Pootie Peace Pad, original size - $42 + $6.65 shipping

    Pootie Peace Pad, petite size (one) - $22 + $6.65 shipping

    Pootie Peace Pads, petite size (two) - $42 + $6.65 Priority Mail shipping

    Hat tip to Wiccaneagle for suggesting the name, Pootie Peace Pad!

  2. Tonight’s talk show brought to you by Pootie Pads, organic catnip pads for the discerning ‘nipper…

    We are opening the mic tonight.  Tell us what’s on your feline minds.  Boots, Callie, and Pearl are here to take your calls!  Tonight we are talking about how to handle your human...share your training tips and tell us how empty does the food bowl have to be before they understand the emergency?  Share your concerns.

  3. This is an Open Thread / Coffee Hour and all topics of conversation are welcome. And as a suggested topic, today lets talk about Pootie Pads. Click Here to order.

    My cat Misty enjoying a new Pootie Pad,
    My cat Misty enjoying a new Pootie Pad,
    This is an Open Thread / Coffee Hour. How are you doing today? What is for dinner? What is on your mind? All topics of conversation are welcome. If you are new to Street Prophets please introduce yourself in the comments below. Click Here to order.

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