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    Pootie Pads Store

  • Full of Organic American Catnip

    Full of Organic American Catnip

  • Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

    Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

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  1. Clarissa was a great model for the Purrmuda Triangle (Four pack). She loves it and so does Suki, also a good model 

  2. There is a magical place in central California — a cat shelter that also rescues dogs.  It is called The Cat House on the Kings. More than 700 cats are in residence at this time, many waiting for a forever home.  Check out the videos below — you will be blown away by the scale and organization of this shelter founded out of compassion for the four-legged creatures in need of love and care.  Would you like to contribute toward a group gift of Pootie Pads and catnip toys for this remarkable organization? These could be used in the shelter, sold as part of an adoption kit, or auctioned by the shelter at one of their fundraisers.  This would be a unique way for our community to share our love for pets with an extraordinary animal rescue organization of great heart.

    Direct donations to the Cat House on the Kings can be made here.

    Links to contribute to the group gift are below the fold!

  3. Operculum picked the purrfect name for our rather abstract Spring catnip toy — the Purrmuda Triangle.  With fluttery ribbons and a jawbreaker sized wad of premium, organic catnip inside, cats have really taken to these.  Do they find altered consciousness inside the mysterious triangle?  Maybe!  But mostly it is a lot of fun.

    We are including one of these toys with each and every $35 purchase of Pootie Pads.  Or buy a set of four Purrmuda Triangles and get a fifth one free!

    Four Purrmuda Triangle Toys (get five) - $35 + $7.35 Priority Mail Shipping

    More links to buy Pootie Pads below the fold...

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