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    Full of Organic American Catnip

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    Pootie Pads Store

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    Pootie Pads Are Small Quilts For Cats

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Pootie Pad Party on Daily Kos

A group for people who have Pootie Pads -- or who enjoy pootie pictures.
  1. Linkage, who does our website, wants more Pootie Pad pictures!  Pictures with cats (or dogs) with our pads of all sizes...and our new cat toys, too.  Testimonials are helpful, too.  Here is one that was Kos Mailed to me recently:

    I was lucky enough to have a Pootie Peace Pad gifted to me a few weeks ago. I have an elder male cat who seemed to have a hard time staying in one place; he would lay down on one of his spots for maybe 3 minutes, then get up and “mow” loudly and pace the apartment. It got to where I was getting concerned that he wasn’t getting enough rest. The humans weren’t sleeping much either, because this was going on 24/7.

    Since he’s been sleeping on his Peace Pad, he’s been able to stay there for hours, either sleeping or that weird meditating thing they do with their paws tucked in. It seems to have helped his appetite too, which is great because he’s been losing weight.

    I was surprised at the wonderful fragrance of the catnip and lavender in the pad, it smells like it was picked the day before; it almost smells like spearmint had been added.   morgansmom

    So if you have photos that we may share on the Pootie Pad website, please post them in the comments!  Here are some photos of the sort of thing linkage will want:


    Don’t get in between Pirate Annie and her Play Pad!

    Obie the cat with his Pootie Pad
    The Petite size Pad is still very powerful! (Not to mention desirable)

    Links to buy are below the fold!

  2. This is an Open Thread / Coffee Hour and all topics of conversation are welcome. Today's suggested topic is Pootie Pad Pictures.  Please share your best pootie pad picture. I’m collecting pictures to update the Pootie Pad website. Please give your cats name and ask your cat what they like best about their pad.

    Cats on Pootie Pads
    Obie playing with Pootie Pad

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  3. Friends, lately I wrote about Ann's heart attack in February and her return by ambulance to the ER the week after because of chest pain.  Here is an update on what has gone on since.

    Week before last, when she received her second stent, she learned that that second bout of chest pain had been classed as a heart attack, too.  That second stent went in on the left side (the first was on the right).  Ann stayed one night in the hospital and then came home.  That day, she was still having some sharp chest pain and went back to the ER once more just to be sure things were okay — but since then (and I am relieved to say), she is doing much, much better.

    Of course, the second stent meant that she went back to square one on restrictions — especially since it was inserted through the same wrist.  Even now, she is not allowed to lift 10 lbs. — or even to exert that kind of pressure.  So no ironing, no using a rotary cutter, no quilting of anything large.  For awhile.  And she is still pretty tired, largely from medication that she is still getting accustomed to.

    This means we are sharply curtailed in our work for another couple weeks and bills will be coming.  We are exceedingly grateful to our angels for getting us through so far… Our Federal and State taxes were prepared and paid (we still have a small one to the City of Portland), and bills were paid through the middle of this month.  We could still used some help to get us through this last bit.  My tally of bills through the middle of next month (not including food for us and the kitties, gas for the car, and other sundries) is $970.

    PayPal can be sent to hairbraider33 AT yahoo DOT com or Kos Mail me for a snail mail address if you were thinking of a check

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